Keep Warm!

Today, on the 29th of OCTOBER, 2011, a lot of people in the area (if not, ALL) woke up to a bunch of white stuff on the ground!  Like it or not, Winter is apparently here with a bad attitude!  Thinking back 3 weeks, it was in the 80’s and people were still enjoying activities like Baseball, taking a trip to the beaches, and probably our roaming the battlefields of Gettysburg.  Well, now that Winter is arriving, we have some ideas for you!


Come to Labella Italia to enjoy some of the most delicious food you’ll ever eat, and while you’re at it, bring your laptop along and enjoy our free WIFI available to our customers!  2 large LCD TV’s will keep you updated on the weather, and our dining room is kept at a comfortable temperature, so you can stop in to warm up on a day like today!

Our fun staff is quick to clean up your messes, so you don’t need to worry about doing dishes and cleaning up after your family eats; as the case when eating at home! (Trust us, we know)

If you’re looking for a quick bite to take home with you, be sure to call in your order and come pick it up, so you can take our meals home with you, and enjoy them with the comfort of your living room couch, a blanket, and a nice football game on your TV (Ok, football is tomorrow, we know)


So whatever the case is, come on out and enjoy the first snow fall of the season with us!  We’ll keep the food cooking, the TV’s on for ya, and the beer is cold!

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