Another Busy Friday Night with Happy Customers!

Happy Customers

It’s what the Labella Italia family restaurant in Littlestown is all about!  This top-notch order of Mussels Marinara (the picture to the right) was made for a lucky customer for just $7.00!  Even though the food always turns out great, we strive to make it visually appealing so you get the quality of a fancy dine-in restaurant, without the high prices!  The perfect formula for Happy Customers!


Friday Nights:

You may have driven by the Labella Italia parking lot on a Friday evening, and you may have noticed that the parking lot was nearly full.  Yep, tonight is another one of those nights, but there’s still plenty of room to come in to eat!  And if waiting isn’t really your idea of a good Friday night, give us a call and place your order!  We’ll read the order back to ensure that you get exactly what you ordered!



With a new website- comes new ideas!  A new way to advertise, and a new way to communicate with our customers!  You guys have been treating our Labella’s crew good since 1998, and we’d like to hear your thoughts!  Leave us comments on Facebook and reviews on our “Google Place Page”, where you can tell us where we need improvement, and where we strive!  Constructive criticism will only help us make you happy the next time you stop by!

We’ve also recently made an extreme upgrade for our ‘workahaulic’ crowd – by offering our customers FREE WIFI!  If you work from home or need constant contact with people via email and internet – even while you’re on lunch, stop by and grab a bite to eat, and get your work done while you wait!  It’s a huge upgrade that needed to be done!

In other news, we recently started selling Michelob Peach, which has one of our favorite tastes!  We also carry Bud and Miller Products, as well as corona, Heineken, Landshark, Bacardi, Twisted Tea, Mikes, Coors, and many other kinds of beer!

Updates to the Website are in the works, as well as a completely interactive Food Menu, with pictures and descriptions of everything we have to offer!  Figure out what to order before you even get here!


You can Help!

Help our little community out and spread the word of our “Fan Page” to all of your friends!  We’re confident that if you recommend your friends, we’ll do the rest and keep them coming back again and again!  Remember to let us know how we’re doing, and leave comments on our page about our food, quality, and the atmosphere!  We honestly can’t thank you guys enough!

(We’re open until 11 tonight (fridays and Saturdays) so stop on down!!)

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